My name is Todd, @ToddPhysique on Social Media, but you can call me "Coach!". I am a Special Warfare TACP Officer, Registered Nurse, and Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. To say service to others is a passion to mine is an understatement. 

My personal competition background is in Men's Physique. In 2020 I, just like you, will be continuing my goals to achieve my Pro Card. 

The goal ultimate is to motivate, educate, and grow alongside you, as you and I work together to help you achieve your goals. With my operational experience working with top fitness coaches, competitors, and competing myself, we will communicate to build a tailored program to fit your goals - shred fat, build muscle, prepare for a military/LEO/EMS selection, or simply be fit.

Shoot me a message or purchase one of my plans to get started! For more motivation, follow me on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook @ToddPhysique - I'll show some love back!