In Short, We Changed the Plan

BOOM! Your pumped up, veins are poppin’, your head is about to explode from the double-scoop you took straight to the head, your music is blarin’ and you don’t know what that new sound is you’re seeing; all of sudden you step into the gym and SH!T, you suddenly don’t feel like hitting the weight anymore. Maybe you do one or two reps and think, “Today isn’t the day.” Ever happen to you? Yeah, same here. The other day actually.

"I was pretty pissed because I have goals and I just couldn’t motivate myself."

My wife, brother, and I were all excited to hit the gym but once we got there not a SINGLE one of us were feeling it. I was pretty pissed because I have goals and I just couldn’t motivate myself. I sat down and after a few moments, it clicked - it was the routine. My body got so used to the routine that it was screaming, “DUDE! THIS ISN’T WORKING ANYMORE” and was forcing me to stop, evaluate, and change it up.

This is a PRIME example of why incorporating a change in your routine every few weeks, working in fresh exercises, and constantly evaluating your goals is SO important – it can affect your mind, physical body... everything! 

" short, we changed the plan."

What did we do to fix the slump? Good question! We stopped hitting chest and blasted arms instead, hit some cardio and had a little fun on the monkey bars. That evening I sat down and came up with new ways to train that would keep it fresh, productive, and still keep me in the direction of my goals – in short, we changed the plan.

"may throw in some new exercises or focus on concentric vs. eccentrics, maybe throw in some isometrics"

That’s it. we changed and adapted the plan. If something isn’t working, you can’t just give up completely, that’s too easy! Think about what you could do to change and enhance your routine – change our location, throw in some new exercises or focus on concentric vs. eccentrics, even isometrics (oh, wow, forgot about these didn’t you!). Whatever it may be, come back and reattack it the next day with that same sleeve busting, sound-seeing energy you had today (maybe one half scoop less, haha).

I hope you all had a good take away from this quick article – that is if something isn’t working for you and you feel like sh!t, you can (and should) sit down and adapt your plan to enhance your training.

It can be hard doing it alone, so if you need assistance or you’re looking for a coach and team you push you in the right direction, post in the TEAMFLEXAPPEAL page on Facebook or DM them on Instagram (@TEAMFLEXAPPEAL) and let’s get to work!

This article was written by TEAMFLEXAPPEAL Team Member Todd Duquette, BSN-RN, NASM-CPT STUDENT.

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  • Eliseo collins

    Finally finished this … started last week and was motivated by just being able to Relate to the feeling of doing the same thing.

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